Screen Cultures at New Directions in Film and Television Production Studies

Screen Cultures at Sexual Cultures 2 2015

Screen Cultures at the Gorizia Spring School 2015

Defining the ‘giallo’

Miranda, performance and online audiences

Research Seminar Weds 04/03/2015 4-6pm

Screen Cultures at a Symposium on Italian Comedy Audiences

Research Seminar Weds 15th October 4-6pm – Turn on the Red Light! The Very First Steps of Italian Porn

Research Seminar Weds 8th October 4-6pm – On ‘Bad Acting’: Writing about Film Performance

Porn Studies Issue 4 out now

Screen Cultures at Archaeologies of Media and Film

Research Seminar Weds 1st October 4 – 6pm Sexualisation, Porn and Media Studies